Despite the negative image we have about the flu, nothing prevents it from having a certain beauty. This is how the English artist Luke Jerran transforms the way how we see the Influenza. With his glass sculptures, the virus gains an incredible and realistic beauty, once their size is smaller than the length of a light wave and they are actually translucent.




His sculpture of the Influenza A (H1N1) is very beautiful and realistic. Although it is not possible to distinguish HA from NA on the outside, we can even see the points that represent the protein M2, the viral pore. On the inside, the long filaments of the RNA of the virus are highlighted. Below, there is a bit of the production process of the HIV sculpture, which is also fantastic.

It is one of the most original forms of seeing the scientific data, fundamental phenomenon for science and for scientific dissemination. Especially in an area like virology, which deals with the interpretation of electronic microscope images (the biggest virus is not visible under an optical microscope), dealing with concepts and abstractions of difficult assimilation.